My blog is on the move!

Hi everyone.  As many of you know I’ve run this blog for many years now and a while ago I collected all my findings and experience and put it all together in one easy-to-use (I hope) website.  The idea was to save you all scrolling through my posts on this blog to find the info that you need.   The website is  But I still love using this blog and a lot of people get in touch via it.  However keeping both going at the same time is a bit confusing so my techie friend is helping me to put the blog onto my website.  I’m hoping you guys wont even notice the switch as I’m told it will be smooth and ‘invisible’.  But as I’m never confident as far as computers are concerned I wanted to warn you all!  The move is happening over the next few days so if you have any problems with this blog just go over to How To Beat Candida & Yeat Infections and click on ‘candida blog’ .  Just give me a few days as there’s nothing to see there yet!

love, Katie xx

ps my website will be getting a new look too which I’m really excited about.  I’m a busy bee at the moment but hopefully it will all be worth it and much easier for you all 🙂


Gentian violet – anyone tried this remedy?

I was recently talking to a candida sufferer (who is on the mend by the way) and we were discussing how candida sufferers must be coped in the old days.  I think they didnt realise what was wrong and they just suffered.   Or perhaps because sugar was rare they didnt get candida or thrush infections?  I just dont know and I’d be interested to hear your theories.  Anyway my friend said she’s heard that some people use to use Gentian Violet to treat thrush infections.  She said that women used to paint it onto their skin to treat vaginal thrush for example.  So it wouldnt work for candida in the digestive system.  But I’m intrigued.  Does this stuff really work?  Is it safe?  Can you still get it?  Does anyone know about this?  If so please let me know as it might help others.  All I’ve managed to find out is that it really is purple so it stains the skin.  Yikes!

Bye Katie xx

Giving up sugar can help us look younger!

I spotted an article this morning in a UK newspaper (Daily Mail) explaining how giving up sugar can help people to stay look younger for longer.  Sounds good to me!    To read more go to . What do you think?  I gave up sugar for years while I  had candida and now I am careful not to eat too much of it.  Do I look younger than my age?  Well people tell me that I do but I’m not convinced!     I’ve posted also this on Twitter so let me know via Comments or Twitter if giving up sugar is helping you to fight the signs of aging!

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love, Katie x

Learn to heal yourself in just a few minutes!

Hi everyone!   I get asked a lot about how I got better and I found healing to be immensely helpful.  I had reiki which helped me to relax (I was mega stressed) but even more usefully I learnt EFT.  This unusual form of healing is easy to learn, completely free and can be used to heal all sorts of ailments and emotional issues too apparently.  I am such a fan that I’ve added  a page with simple videos which explain how to do it.  I used it to reduce my candida and it worked so well that I use it regularly for all sorts of ailments.  Please take a look at and let me know what you think!


Katie x

Is Candida Albicans the next superbug?

I’ve heard several candida news reports recently which alarmed me.  It has been known for a long time that candida infects people with low immune systems and therefore people with severe illnesses such as cancer are often suffering from candida too.   But now reports are starting to coming out about the dangers of candida to seriously ill people in hospital.   It appears that candida albicans is becoming resistant to the normal drugs used by hospitals.    These are called Echinocandins range of drugs.   Some of the articles are quite frightening and suggest that candida could replace MRSA as the most feared superbug.   I wonder when the hospitals will start to investigate colloidol silver as a way of killing candida?  Perhaps if candida albicans starts to make headlines will doctors start to take it more seriously?  I really hope so.

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Should you get rid of your houseplants to help beat candida?

When I was really ill with candida I took the view that I would do everything I could to get better. So if I heard something could help then I would look into it. At the time several people warned me about the dangers of mold (like in the bathroom) and microscopic fungi growth on the soil of houseplants. I became obsessed with getting rid of the tiniest black spots in the bathroom and to this day I view mold with horror. I also moved my houseplants into a spare room. Now was I over reacting? I’d love to hear your views. When I looked closely I could see a tiny layer of microscopic fungi/mold on the top of the soil. If I tried to scrape it off then I would start sneezing and I realised I was releasing all the spores into the air. Aargh! I was frustrated as I had chosen some of the plants specifically to clean the indoor air. If you are regular readers of my blog you will know I am a BIG fan of keeping the air inside as clean as possible (no air fresheners just open the windows regularly). Anyway my house plants went into a spare room until I recovered. Now they are back in the main rooms but I will never put one in my bedroom again. I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on this one. And if you think I’m paranoid I will probably agree with you! Anyway got to go – just spotted a black dot on the shower curtain that I need to zap!
Katie xx

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Benefits of keeping regular!

My thanks to Lucy who has been in touch to discuss her candida recovery.   With her permission I wanted to mention something which we discussed that I think can help others.   Basically we discussing how important it is to make sure that you go to the toilet regularly when you are trying to get rid of candida or stop it returning.  Constipation can cause all sorts of minor health issues such as bad skin, stomach ache and it appears to cause candida to thrive.    I make sure I eat fruit every day to keep myself regular.  When I was on the anti-candida diet I ate the minimum amount of fruit to keep my system moving.  It was trial and error but I quickly learnt that it equated to about 1 apple per day.   Some people prefer to add fibre to their diet in other ways and that’s fine.  But it is something that you cannot overlook.   Some people say drinking more water helps to keep your bowels regular so that is worth trying on the anti-candida diet.

Anyway Lucy and I were talking about this issue and I suddenly remembered that when my candida was at its worst I worked in an office where the toilets were near the boss’s office.   He would watch you go in and go out.  So you always felt like you had to be quick!  This was terrible for anyone with any sort of digestive problem and it often meant that I would be in too much of a rush to go to the toilet when my body needed to.   I’m sure this ridiculous situation contributed to my candida problem.  Lucy was in a similar situation and always felt like she needed to ‘wait until I get home’ and of course that it is really bad for your digestive system if it happens all the time.   I’ve no idea what the solution is but we’d be pleased to hear any ideas or suggestions.

take care
Katie x
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BioKult Candea Probiotic – Giveaway

If you are interested in trying BioKult’s Candea Probiotic then please visit as they are offering a free giveaway which is worldwide.    5 lucky people will get a 30 day supply!

Beat Candida With Laughter?

I am slowly getting used to Twitter and I’ve already made some great new friends online. Today I received a thought-provoking tweet which I wanted to share with you all

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book”. Irish Proverb

This made me think as I know I completely lost the ability to laugh when my candida was terrible. I had a lot of problems at home and in work at the time and I really felt lost. I also couldnt sleep well due to the worries and stomach aches I suffered from. In the end I had to find ways of relaxing before bed and I started to watch old comedies to cheer myself up. Around the same time a friend told me the story of a man who cured himself of terminal cancer by laughter. He watched the funniest tv shows and films all day long to keep himself laughing and happy. Apparently laughter boosts the immune system. My life has become stressful again and I had forgotten this golden tip. I’m determined to keep my immune system strong so I dont succumb to candida or anything else if I can help it.

Finally here is some excellent advice from author Patrick Quillin which is actually aimed at cancer sufferers but I think is applicable to most of us. I am going to print out and stick on my office wall.

“Feed your mind the good thoughts of music, beauty, laughter, play, art, friends, share a nice drink at sunset and discuss the events of the day with a loved one. Feed your heart the good feelings of love, forgiveness, confidence in your abilities, a sense of purpose in your life, and a trusting relationship with your Creator. And feed your body good nutrients through diet and supplements, thus providing your body the raw materials that it needs to rebuild itself.”

Take care,
Katie xxx

Sunshine Can Help To Fight Candida!

Many of you will already know of the health benefits derived from sitting in the sunshine for 15 – 20mins every day.  
These include increased levels of vitamin D and higher serotonin levels, especially if you remove your sunglasss for the period.   Now higher levels of serotonin leads to an improved sense of wellbeing which I guess you dont need telling as we all know how the sunshine can make everyone feel more cheerful.  But it also has been shown to help to kill off candida.  Some studies have shown that serotonin has anti-fungal properties and has been shown in labs to kill yeast and candida.  If you live in areas which get less sun then you may want to consider supplementing with Vitamin D (I take krill oil) and 5HTP.   If you want to learn more about 5HTP and its benefits go to my website at and scroll down. 
Right I’m going to have a coffee and sit in the sunshine!

Bye Katie x